Our Approach

The landscape of this tropical region, combined with the warm climatic conditions of the Far North defines the core element of our design philosophy:

designing buildings that complement their environment.

This philosophy is our commitment to create buildings that are customized to suit the tropical regions of Australia through a comprehension of what is appropriate. Appropriate to our client’s needs and appropriate to the conditions of the site.


We design buildings that are distinctive & diverse to any one particular style of tropical home. This is because we encourage a high level of client input throughout all stages of the design process. The homes that we create don’t symbolize one singular design style, we design buildings that suit the building style that our clients are fond of, and can afford. Our customized floor plans welcome the outdoor scenery into the home, with a functional approach of blurring the lines between inside & out.  




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Every block of land differs in size, slope and setting. Our role as energy efficient designers is to ensure your residence best suits its immediate surroundings. This is achieved by applying sustainable principles in the early stages of design, resulting in a home that offers a relaxed & comfortable living atmosphere all year round. Environmental effects of the sun, wind & shade are successfully controlled by orientating rooms relative to your blocks unique aspect. Room orientation is one example of a cost-free design method that will improve the thermal performance & comfort of your new home.