Frequently Asked Questions

What will a building designer do for your project?

Building designers can design you a home that is customised to your specific needs, is energy efficient and provides value for money.  The design will take into account your lifestyle, budget, site conditions, potential resale and long term maintenance issues.  Your building designer not only designs your building, but also works with a team of other professionals to ensure that structural elements combine with the aesthetics to produce a building which will not only look good but will also serve you well for years to come..

What is the difference between a building designer and an architect?

In Queensland, there is no difference in the work that can be done by a building designer as opposed to an architect.  There are some differences in education and regulation between the professions.  A building designer must be licenced by the Building Services Authority.  For design and documentation work, you should only contract a BSA licenced building designer or a board registered Architect.

Why use a building designer?

Whether you are planning to build a new home, or an addition/ renovation to an existing building, a building designer can assist with your project.  Your building designer will work with you to determine the most cost effective and practical solutions that not only look good, but also meet your requirements.

Who uses a building designer?

Did you know that 80% of residential buildings are designed by building designers?  Builders, construction companies, developers, project managers, mums and dads, even architects use building designers to design their buildings and prepare the necessary working drawings and documentation needed for approval and construction.